Hi, I’m Jeremy. In September 2017 I start a 12-month volunteering placement with Engineers Without Borders UK. I’ll be working with one of their partner organizations in India, SELCO Foundation, helping develop sustainable energy solutions for rural communities who don’t have reliable access to electricity. I completed my physics degree in 2011, and since then have worked in technology advisory (oil & gas) and as a test engineer for a camera company. I have always had an interest in renewables and am excited to be applying my skills in an international development context.

I’ve set up this website to tell you more about my volunteer placement and the organisations involved (see below), and as a means to provide you with updates (see Blog page). This will cover both my time in India, as well as my Georgia Cycle tour, which I’m doing to help raise awareness/ fundraise. Please also check out the Sponsors page to see who has helped make it all happen.

If you’ve got any question or comments, please head over to the Contacts page and get in touch.

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Engineers Without Borders UK 


Engineers Without Borders UK partners with organizations and communities around the world to increase access to engineering in water and sanitation, clean energy and built environments. Over the past five years through their international work they have contributed a staggering 160,000 hours to projects, supporting the delivery of engineering infrastructure and the research and development of sustainable technologies.

Engineers Without Borders UK has appointed me as part of their International Placements Programme. The programme provides qualified engineers to a range of partner organizations (in my case SELCO Foundation) for 6-12 month placements, to                                              enhance their engineering skill and knowledge. There is a strong emphasis on sustainable engineering and on helping empower                                              local communities long-term. 


SELCO Foundation


SELCO Foundation is a social enterprise that provides sustainable energy solutions for the disadvantaged. It was established in 1995, works throughout the southern states of India, and has helped install and maintain 200,000 solar systems.




 My Project with SELCO Foundation



My project involves commissioning a solar-powered flourmill for small-scale farmers who do not have reliable access to electricity. I will be working closely with the SELCO Foundation team, and engaging with rural communities/ farmers throughout the project.

The project has three main phases:

1. Understand user requirements: engage with rural communities to understand their requirements/ energy needs, and perform audit of pre-existing machinery

2. Identify appropriate solution: perform market research on locally available technologies, and define benchmarks for efficiency, cost etc. of machinery

3. Pilot installation: design user-appropriate solar system, coordinate pilot installation, and review efficacy of design.

Throughout my placement I will be kindly supported from the UK by Martin Findlay (Partnership Coordinator) and Ramon Porras (Mentor).

Welcome to my website. You’ve come to the right place for info on my volunteer placement with Engineers Without Borders UK, as well as my Georgia Cycle trip.