Georgia Cycle

Throughout July and August I’ll be undertaking a 7-week cycle tour from Nice (France) to Tbilisi (Georgia). The route will take me through Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey and finally Georgia. I’ll be catching ferries between Italy-Croatia and Greece-Turkey, and finally once I’m in Georgia I’ll be flying directly to India (via UAE) to start my volunteer placement with Engineers Without Borders UK.

I am doing the tour solo, and plan to wild camp on the way, or at least find people willing to let me to pitch my tent on their premises. To help facilitate this, I’ve prepared a brief summary of what I’m doing and translated it in to the relevant languages (courtesy of Google translate where necessary). I’ll also be using an app called WarmShowers – think Couchsurfing for the cycle touring community.

 The total distance I’ll be covering on land is approx. 4,500km (2,800mi), which works out at approx. 120km (75mi) per day on “active” days; I have allocated 6 rest days during the trip. Given I am travelling at the height of the summer, I’ll be aiming to start cycling early in the day to avoid the midday heat. I expect siestas will be on the cards!

 If you have any recommendation or know anyone I could stay with en route, please let me know!

Kit List

I’ll be taking my trusty steel-framed touring bike with me that I’ve used several times before. It’s had a bit of an overhaul for it’s latest outing, thanks to the folks at The Bicycle Chain in Bridgwater, and also Robin Evans for some last minute mechanical help.

This is my first solo tour and in order to keep weight down I decided to restrict myself to two panniers and a handlebar bag. Taunton Leisure kindly helped me acquire most of my new “solo” camping kit, and I’m also excited to be using an ethical down sleeping bag from Tundra.

In preparing my gear, Cycling About proved a very useful resource. I followed a few of their tips: oversized bottle cage for carrying supermarket 1.5L bottled water, iPhone navigation (using Quadlock mount and MapOut software), using a tablet for multiple things (reading, mapping, blogging, photo editing)

See below for a detailed kit list.

Welcome to my website. You’ve come to the right place for info on my volunteer placement with Engineers Without Borders UK, as well as my Georgia Cycle trip.